The markers (blazes) along the trail are yellow plastic rectangles, as shown below, to be consistent with trail marking by the Forest Service.  This same blaze is used on the NC section of the Bartram Trail.

Blaze on the Georgia section of the Bartram Trail.

JANUARY  2016(UPDATE)   The reroute to the Pinnacle Knob overlook trail was completed in early 2016 and one now has a very nice 0.9 mi. switchbacked trail to the summit and overlook.  The trail is number 58 and is blazed in light green plastic rectangles. Try not to miss this spectacular view. 


Hiker on Pinnacle Knob with Rabun Bald in far distance over left shoulder.

December 2020   The Forest Service and the GA-NC Bartram Trail Society are working on these problems.

Some bridges have been washed out on the Bartram Trail and the GA Chattooga River Trail.  
GA Section Bartram Trail:  Adline Bridge at mile 2.5 mi. from Hwy. 28 has been under-cut and left a hole on the S end.,
Dicks Creek bridge at 9.1 mi. from Hwy. 28 was washed away and there is not easy crossing to see Dicks Creek Falls.

GA Chattooga River Trail:  Lick Log Bridge at 3.9 mi. from GA Bartram Trail has washed away.  No easy crossing.  Go upstream to find a safe crossing.
Pole Creek Bridge about 10 mi. from GA Bartram Trail has washed out go upstream to finds find safe crossing.

NC Section of Bartram Trail:  The first bridge across Ledbetter Creek hiking towards Cheoah Bald.  About 0.5 mi. from the Winding Stairs trailhead.

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