Georgia Bartram Trail Group
The GBTG is a group of volunteers who help maintain 50 miles of trails in Rabun County Georgia in the Chattachoochee National Forest under Forest Service supervison.

The trails we help maintain are the GA Bartram Trail (37 miles), GA Chattooga River Trail (11 miles) and a piece of the Three Forks Trail from Rabun Bald to Hale Ridge Rd. (3 miles).  These trails are all interconnected. The GA Bartram Trail is connected on the east trailhead with the SC Chattooga River Trail and on the west trailhead with the NC Bartram Trail. All these trails are administered by the US Forest Service and we work as volunteers under the Forest Service supervision.

Tasks that we perfom on the trail include: marking, clearing, improving water diversion, and making available an accurate guidebook for use on the trail.  


If you would like to join us, please
contact us.
Going to run weedeaters on the trail.
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