Sample of trail description from the GA Bartram Guide.
Russell Bridge to Sandy Ford Road, 9.5 miles
Trail access: From the Hwy. 28/Hwy. 183 intersection in Walhalla, SC take Hwy. 28 17 miles to the Russell Bridge.  On the Georgia side of the Chattooga River on Highway 28, just across the Russell Bridge, there is a small parking area on the north side of the road.  A large boulder is carved: Bartram Trail, Warwoman Dell, 19. The trail starts across the road and towards the bridge about 50 ft., where there is a trail sign and a path climbing into the forest.  Water on this section of the trail is plentiful.  It is better to acquire water from the many small streams crossed instead of from the larger creeks and rivers that may carry run-off from farms.  This section of the trail has abundant mountain laurel with peak blooming period from mid May to early June.  (The Russell Bridge is going to be  replaced.  When this happens the parking area for the trail will move to a new location and this area will undergo other dislocations.  The new bridge will have a sidewalk so crossing the bridge on foot will eventually be safer.  At this time the plan is to leave the bridge open while the new bridge is constructed.   There is a parking area across the Russell Br. in SC.)

Mile (Mile for reverse hike)         Brief Trail Highlight

0.0 (36.5)   S side of Hwy. 28 W of Russell Bridge across Chattooga River in Georgia, elevation 1580 ft.
0.1 (36.4)   Merge left on old road used to bring in the bridge across the West Fork Chattooga River, gently descend.
0.2 (36.3)   Concrete abutment on left from former bridge across Chattooga.
0.3 (36.2)   Cross 112 ft. metal footbridge over West Fork Chattooga River erected in 1998.  Before this, one had to do a problematic ford of the river upstream from the bridge at first rapids visible.  From middle of bridge, one can see the West Fork empty into North Fork Chattooga River (Chattooga River) a few hundred feet down river.  90 ft. after bridge make 900 left turn on footpath. Parallel old road right of trail at first.  (300 ft. up along S side of West Fork nice campsites.)  Shortly, enter stretch of many dead pine trees.  This dense area of dead pines lasts until Adline Branch at 2.5 mi. although patches of dead pines occur at different locations along the trail.  Probably need to stay away from these dead pines for setting up camp.
0.6 (35.9)   Above large flood plain with Chattooga River in sight, near base of Holden Mtn. (2241 ft.).
0.7 (35.8)   Travel along bank of Chattooga.
0.8 (35.7)   Extensive pine forest blocks view of river.  Mountains in South Carolina visible across Chattooga.
1.1 (35.4)   In kudzu patch make 350 left turn off old road and descend.  Pass through pine forest of dead trees.
1.2 (35.3)   Cross Holden Branch on wooden bridge (5u).  Climb old log steps, above bridge merge left on old road, soon again come close to River.
1.4 (35.1)   Concrete boat launch ramp beside Highway 28 in South Carolina visible across Chattooga.
1.5 (35.0)   Cross small stream on wooden bridge (5d). Before bridge is much used campsite, but noise from houses and traffic on Hwy. 28, just across the river, make it less than desirable.
1.6 (34.9)   Cross two boardwalks (no hand rails) over mud holes.
2.0 (34.5)   Rusty old baler on left.  Shortly old chimney on right at ruins of old home.  Cross boardwalk (no hand rails) over small stream, continue on old road.
2.1 (34.4)   Faint grassy road T-intersects trail from left, 350 ft. down road is former Long Bottom Ford across Chattooga.

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